7 responses on “Saving the Best School Supply for Last (and Giving One Away Each Week for 3 Weeks)

  1. Jane Zawadowski

    I would post the Uncommon Goods map on the wall next to our little dining room table, in our little apartment in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. We’re raising our kids to value travel, volunteerism, multi-culturalism; maps are a great reminder of the vastness of humanity!

  2. Dianne Willhoff

    The Wall Pops Peel & Stick World map would be a perfect fit for our family. With five kids going off to live their lives all over the world, the last one at home can keep track before she heads off on her own adventures!

  3. Greet garczynski

    Hi I would hang up a world map in our home to mark the countries we have friends in. Me and my 2 boys were born in the Netherlands my husband in the us we host international students from all over the word .we have had students from Japan , south Arabia and Venezuela it would be nice to mark all the countries with my 2 son’s and all the students that stay with us we are a global family and love global thinking.

  4. BellinghamGirl

    I’d hang it in our kitchen…great conversation piece! The globe we have is an inflatable one and ends up all over the house, so a go-to place for a map would be great. Love the interactive nature of this one. Thank you for sharing!

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