Questions for Book Discussion

Growing Up Global: Raising Children to Be At Home in the World Questions for Book Discussions

  1. Consider current events, trends, economic conditions that affect you, and people you admire: how do these impact your global perspective? In what ways do they make you more aware of the world? How can you feel more connected with the world, and not more alienated, by these phenomena? How does your perspective on these contrast with your children/grandchildren/students?
  2. Adults: How are these times this different from when you were growing up? What examples can you talk about with your children/grandchildren/students to raise their awareness of their connection with the world and how they can appreciate it? Have you tried the suggestion of getting kids engaged in conversation with elderly friends and relatives to get a sense of the world when they were growing up?
  3. In Chapter 1, in the section “Politics vs. People – Remember to Make a Distinction,” the author shares an embarrassing experience where she realizes her own deep-seated cultural prejudices. In Chapter 6, in the section “Checking Your Prejudices – and Fears – At the Door” another case of pre-judgment is shared. Have you had a similar experience where you realized you perpetuated an unfounded bias against someone you didn’t know? How did you overcome that? How can you talk about this with your children so that they might break these patterns?
  4. What are you already doing that’s globally-oriented at home or in your classroom?
  5. Look at the Questions on the International Quiz toward the end of Chapter 1. Are there certain areas that you’d like to be more pro-active in? Which ones?
  6. What is an area of particular interest to your family: Sports and games? Cooking and trying new foods? Watching movies? Involvement in your faith community? Service activities? How can you put a “global spin” on any one of these you already engage in to enrich your family’s experiences?
  7. In Chapter 9 there is a box “Raise Kids Who Care” about ways to nurture compassion in children at home. Have you noticed how any of the suggestions affect your children? What do you do to enhance compassion for others in the world?
  8. Had you heard of the Millennium Development Goals featured in Chapter 9 and the Appendix? If you followed the discussion prompts for elementary schoolers, tweens and teens, how effective were those conversations? Were there particular issues your children naturally gravitated to, that they would like to make a difference in?
  9. What questions came to mind as you read Growing Up Global? What topics sparked the liveliest discussion in your group? Please share them on the blog or contact page of