22 responses on “How a World Map Can Feed the Spirit and the Body

  1. Leanna @ Alldonemonkey

    What a thoughtful meditation on the importance of such images in our children’s lives. It may seem strange to give so much significance to something that seems so small, like the removal of national boundaries from a map, but I agree that they have a profound impact on how we (and our kids) see the world. I remember once seeing a map that flipped the world as we know it upside-down – what a change in perspective! Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful map and to what such representations can mean!

  2. Laurel

    A beautiful map and beautiful ideas. We just hung a giant world map (with boundaries) in our kitchen and I have been blown away with my 3 year-old’s interest in it. She already can identify a good number of countries and asks me questions every day about it. I had considered hanging a world map taken from space for these same reasons and I LOVE this artistic whimsical representation as well. Maybe it’s about exposing children to as many different representations as possible so they can draw their own conclusions.

  3. Mara Fojas

    This is such a lovely work of art. Ever since reading your suggestion to get a globe, I have been meaning to. Thank you for providing inspiration to us to strive for more.

  4. Gary Boivin

    This is such a beautiful map. As a child, I was always busy studying maps and reading about the world’s peoples. My family and i never really knew what the value of this was. I just knew i was supposed to do it. When I found Baha’ullah, i knew why.

  5. Lahia

    An amazing design and message! It’s so important that we raise children with an understanding of the connectedness of the human race and the world.

  6. Dolores Bebble-Knaak

    I love the idea of living in a wrld that is peaceful and sees no boundaries between us in thoughts or surroundings. We may have different opinoins and look different, but as children we understand we all have the same needs. I just love the idea & hope that it inspires!

  7. Sarah

    Such a beautiful map! What a wonderfully barrier-free way of opening children’s eyes (and reminding us adults of some basic common truths as well!)

  8. Adrienne

    As a mother of one 10 month old baby girl I hope to give my daughter the gift of global compassion for all on this planet. Since she is still young I have simply started by reading her various multi-cultural books, so that she’ll learn about diversity first. My thought is that being exposed to a diverse set of books and experiences will give her an opportunity to learn what she likes, dislikes and ultimately tolerance. Also, my husband and I have decided we would like to start a 3 gift tradition for her birthday and any future children. I don’t know if this will teach compassion, but each birthday she will receive 1 physical gift (toy, clothing, etc), 1 experience (trip to Disney world, nature experience, etc) and 1 charitable gift – a gift she will need to give to another. It is our hope that she will grow to learn the value of each gift and ultimately favor the gift of giving (service, monetary, etc) and the experiential gifts most. Fingers-crossed — would love to win such a beautiful poster.

  9. Veronica

    I am myself is not native american, so i teach my kids about cultures around the world and
    diversity. We also have a lot of multicultural books with pictures of children around the world.

  10. Marisol

    I love the compassion take on this map. We have been using another “tag” word a LOT recently at my house: difference. With the political environment, it is reinforced how much our daily lives are guided by “us and them” thinking. Whether political, or the mommy cliques, or the cool kids and the nerds, or… Having a map like this one around from when children are little and emphasizing that difference is first, our reality and what makes us great- and then constantly using compassion to remind ourselves of our similarities. So important to understand this concept!

  11. Edward Knight

    The world is one country and mankind its citzens, proclaimed Baha’ullah over a century ago. If one will take a look at the Baha’i World Community one will see every shade of human kind living in peace and harmony.
    There is only one race the human race. A teaching of the Baha’i Faith.

  12. Rebecca D

    wonderful idea. Your site motivated my to get some of the international university students to teach languages to young children in our small town. thanks

  13. Kavisa

    I love Rebecca Peragine’s explanation of why country borders weren’t necessary. It’s a great physical representation of “World Citizen”

  14. Emily

    Thank you, Homa! What a great post and wonderful giveaway! Our kids have a somewhat similar map that doesn’t feature country borders and love it (so no need to include us in the giveaway, as much as I adore Rebecca’s map, it’d be nice for another family to benefit). It’s a great way to teach the kids that we are all part of one precious planet. They also love having a world globe in the living room and refer to it often as we learn about different peoples and parts of the world. Even our two year old will run to get the globe when he hears us talking about another country. We look for ways to teach our children global compassion every day – like discussing Kony 2012 with the older ones over dinner and asking what we can do to help – and through special opportunities, most recently taking them to hear the Dalai Lama speak in our town. The crowd was so huge, all we could see were his feet and the one world we could understand from his mouth was “naturally.” Nonetheless it was a great starting point for more discussions and awareness. Keep up the great work and wonderful discourse!

  15. Thili

    Global compassion, what a beautiful concept! I am american, my husband is brazillian, we had 2 young daughters (4 yo and 1 yo), in different countries and we live overseas from our families.. We understand globalization, its in our blood, our hearts.. We are compassionate people who love to help!
    I hope this next generation who are used to organic food, hybrid cars and different sources of energy will be able to nurture the Earth and develope the global compassion state of mind, body and heart πŸ™‚
    Lovely prints from a lovely company! I’ll check their etsy shop, thank you!

  16. admin Post author

    Thanks to ALL of you for your beautiful and thoughtful comments (here and via facebook.com/growingupglobal). I am really inspired by your heart-felt ideas and sharing. Our random winner for this map is Laurel. I’ll be in touch to get your mailing address for @ChildDesign to send you the signed map directly.

    ALSO: for those of you who really loved this map, may I ENCOURAGE you to consider buying one (or more – makes a great baby, birthday or holiday gift!). The fact that Future Fortified will use all the proceeds to feed many, many children makes it such a meaningful gift.

    Thanks again and I am really excited about doing more with this blog – to connect, introduce great products and initiatives, and be in touch with so many sincere readers and parents of global citizens!

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