Classroom #EdTech for Global Connections

The proliferation of technology in our connected society has trickled into our classrooms, whetting the appetites of savvy teachers and kids who have been born with technology in the palm of their hand. WIth the upcoming, much anticipated, humongous #ISTE2015 conference, this will be seen very clearly.

While it has been blamed for isolating individuals, when used properly, technology tools can build relationships near and far much more quickly, profoundly, and conveniently than ever imagined. In Chapter 4 of The Global Education Toolkit for Elementary Learners, we share 100s (1,000s??) of tools and examples of educational technology that empower teachers to create opportunities for interaction.

Are you looking to move beyond amassing links, and start using #edtech tools to build meaningful connections with students around the globe? Whether you are brand new to the #globaled movement, or you are an experienced leader, expand your knowledge and incorporate deeper global learning into your class with The Global Education Toolkit for Elementary Learners.

(Thanks to my co-author, Becky Morales of @kidworldcitizen for creating this infographic!)

I’ll be at ISTE2015 – tweet me and let’s connect! @growingupglobal

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