Why I Admire Gloria Steinem

Here’s what Gloria Steinem said about Miley Cyrus’s VMA Performance (which I refused to see, but is getting way too much press):

“I wish we didn’t have to be nude to be noticed … But given the game as it exists, women make decisions. For instance, the Miss America contest is in all of its states … the single greatest source of scholarship money for women in the United States. If a contest based only on appearance was the single greatest source of scholarship money for men, we would be saying, “This is why China wins.” You know? It’s ridiculous. But that’s the way the culture is. I think that we need to change the culture, not blame the people that are playing the only game that exists.”

I don’t think this is radical; just common sense.  Go to the deeper issue, find the source of what’s causing reactions.  Use justice and equality as a guide.  And “change the culture…” for a better world to emerge. This makes for a great conversation with our daughters — and sons.

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