Programs for Corporate Professionals – at the Intersection of Diversity, Inclusion, Empathy and Globalization

“…the Ambassadors LOVED you and your presentation received 5 out of 5 from every single post-conference survey respondent.” Nancy Traversy, CEO Barefoot Books, following Homa’s keynote for the company’s 20th Anniversary celebration

“Over the years, my work has taken me to many programs on global engagement, multiculturalism, and inclusion. I have found Homa’s most effective, in balancing the best available research with the kind of personal engagement and anecdote that produces impact. Each time, I leave with a sense of connection to the issues, and with the tools, insights, and inspiration to translate words into actions.” Robert Ahdieh, Professor and Vice Dean, Emory University Law School

“We received a great deal of positive feedback from our 950 plus members and guests in attendance regarding your insightful remarks on the value of cultivating global citizenship for career success. Guests loved the human perspective that you shared and how it can be translated to the business world. They also appreciated the anecdotes you shared and appreciated your great ideas and advice.”  Kaarina Koskenalusta, President and Chief Executive Officer, Executives’ Club of Chicago

Presentations for professionals can take a variety of forms, depending on particular needs, and Homa works with each client to tailor the message to be relevant, responsive, action-able, and inspiring. As described below, programs can range from a focus on diversity and inclusion at work, multicultural awareness, building social-emotional skills like empathy, working in new countries, and work-life balance.

As a mother of three and adviser to hundreds of American businesses, international governments, not-for-profit organizations, and educational institutions for over twenty years, Homa has helped her clients and family thrive in – not fear – countries they can hardly pronounce and traditions that might confound them. She has successfully navigated the space between business, education and changemaking organizations, drawing from the latest research and best-practices for enhancing each sector. Here are a few types of (highly interactive!) programs she offers in a corporate or professional environment (each one is available as a 1-hour, 2-hour, or full-day program, and are ideal for staff retreats, too):

Nurturing Psychological Safety for Diversity & Inclusion: Social-emotional learning that enhances character strengths like empathy, grit, creativity, gratitude, respect, and kindness can also improve academic outcomes, innovation and global competence. This impacts culture in both senses of the word: organizational culture as well as cultural competence. See what research from the most admired companies and universities shows us about culturally responsive environments, and the impact of psychological safety on innovation and teams. Start connecting the dots between these priorities to enhance performance and engagement; take away practical implementation ideas. Learn simple steps that can help create real transformation.

What Does It Take to Build a Global Mindset? And Why Does It Matter? Extensive research at the MBA level shows that a “global mindset” implies inquiry, creativity, adaptability, empathy, a sense of self, code-switching, and key subject knowledge, among other skills. The fact that the jobs of the future are largely unknown makes the development of this wide-ranging mindset critical. Explore simple steps and practical tools that anyone, anywhere can use to begin building global competence, and learn how to apply these to any topic or challenge. Whether you’re looking to transform your work culture, or simply to inspire staff, this session has lasting impact.

Global Citizenship from the Inside-Out: What are the inner steps and personal strategies we can take so that our connection with the larger world is not so tenuous, our decisions are not ruled by fear, and we are empowered to make meaningful impact, whatever our age or circumstances?

Raise Your Cultural & Social IQ: Thriving in a multicultural environment or doing business in a new market takes much more than knowing about a holiday on the calendar, whether to present a business card with one or two hands, arrive on time or jump right into a business discussion (though these also are important). Active listening, building your “empathy muscle,” and finding common ground can mean the difference between closing or losing a deal. Learn some simple techniques to broaden your vision, recognize assumptions you might be making, ask the right questions, and build bridges that can lead to life-long friendships, going beyond the immediate bottom line. Homa’s approach helps participants feel at-ease and ready to dive into new cultures with enthusiasm and confidence. An alternative angle to this topic might be called: Global Citizenship: Why Does It Matter to You?

Everything I Needed to Know About Global Citizenship I Learned in Kindergarten: Homa transitioned from business and economic development consulting to global education a decade ago. During this time, she’s seen that some of the most profound a-ha moments for grown-ups comes when we apply tools used for building global competency in children to our own lives and work. Let’s learn some of those foundational principles for building global citizenship, friendship, curiosity and creativity.

Growing Up in a Global Workforce: Globalization impacts the bottom line. Diversity affects the workforce. And family issues tug at us on the margins of daily work life. These three critical matters usually remain in distinct “silos” that don’t intersect. The modern workforce would do well to draw a common thread harmonizing these concerns. Explore this intersection at work, as well as the concrete steps families, schools and communities can take to raise our global competency — starting wherever we live.

Work-Life Balance, or Raising Global Kids: Wondering how our children will succeed and become happy, informed global citizens in this rapidly changing world poses a natural concern for any parent aware of current events and economic trends. Embracing the many opportunities all around us for learning about and experiencing the world helps relieve the strain that develops from keeping these concerns completely isolated from each other. Learn how families around the world balance a fulfilling work and home life. Take away do-able tips and techniques.

Additional Background: Homa presents relevant ideas from Growing Up Global and subsequent publications in one large group lecture, in more specific groupings by interest area (e.g., diversity groups, women, work-life balance, global awareness), or in smaller coaching sessions. She has significant experience as a public speaker to regional and national audiences, and was in charge of organizing professional development programs for many years. Her approach to lectures is to engage and challenge participants using interactive media and slides demonstrating her own family and professional experiences (and humor) in various cultural settings, leaving participants with a few key action items to take back, inspiration to get started, and stories to share with others – providing real value-added to busy people. In smaller coaching sessions, Homa draws on her years of experience in business advising and consulting, helping clients get to the heart of challenging issues in a non-threatening, productive way; this has been particularly effective in enhancing the quality of work on teams.

Workshops: Professionals working with relocating families, foreign business partners, multiple country collaborative teams, and others may need a more in-depth exploration of the issues. Workshops ranging from two hours to two days can offer much-needed confidence, advice, and insights for various situations that require knowledge of multiple cultures, and can be tailored to your specific needs.

A company book club: A personal copy of Growing Up Global serves as a valuable resource in the process of thinking about the steps one might want to take right now to bring the global home or to their work. Individuals can take the book’s International Quiz self test and engage in richer discussions on global topics. Their kids can try new games, foods, films, or even start a book club exploring literature from a new country, with many suggestions contained in Growing Up Global. Invite the author for a discussion in order to answer questions, ease fears or concerns, explore new initiatives, inspire future writers, and more.