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Helping companies, communities, classrooms, and communicators bridge “us” and “them,” to unlock purpose and belonging.

Homa Tavangar’s writing, speaking, and advisory services build purpose and belonging by deepening connections to our wider world and to each other, across the life-cycle.
Her approach links global citizenship and a global mindset with realizing authentic diversity, equity and inclusion. Creating coherence between what is deeply personal and hyper-local with what is impact-making and global requires new skills and dispositions.

Research shows that the #1 contributor to happiness comes from meaningful work and meaningful relationships. When we feel what we do matters, when we live with a sense of service beyond our self -- this is purpose. Learning and working with purpose builds motivation, quality of work, and ultimately, joy. Extensive research also cites the biggest contributor to unleashing innovation is psychological safety. The safety to bring our whole selves, feel truly seen, and reciprocate empathy embodies belonging. In this context, global citizenship and deep inclusion address core human needs for living and thriving on our planet today.
I strive to integrate these ideas whether in the bright, fun Global Kids activity deck, building understanding for teachers, or in coaching leaders.

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Global Kids is HERE!! - My long-awaited, labor of love project, Global Kids (created with a team of dedicated, thoughtful, diligent women) is finally HERE!! I’ll be be sharing more about the many amazing people who offered thoughtful contributions from their cultures and fields of expertise, as well as behind-the-scenes lessons we learned and take-aways parents and educators can use…

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Feedback on a Day-Long Workshop - I recently received this generous comment from English Language Arts teacher Gretchen Miller after she took my day-long course called “Explore and Integrate Transformative Elements of Global Citizenship into Curriculum and Mindsets”: “After 12 years of teaching on three continents I feel, deeply, the vital responsibility to instill global and cultural competence in my students. During…

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Homa’s work in Global Education with Pulitzer Center featured on National Public Radio with journalist Paul Salopek.

NBC10 Feature

"New Book Offers Advice On Raising Kids To Be Global Citizens." Homa visits the set of Philadelphia's NBC10 to share some easy-to-try resources and tips from Growing Up Global.

Praise from Jane to Rainn

From Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE - Founder, Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace: "Growing up Global' offers fascinating ideas for giving young people opportunities to become truly global citizens. Learning about the customs and culture of others around the globe enriches our lives so much and can only lead to better understanding and cooperation for generations to come. From Rainn Wilson: "The Office" star Rainn Wilson Tweeted to 2+ million Twitter followers: "RT @RainnWilson: Parents of future world citizens. Dig on this awesome new book that raises children to be at home in the world -"
From Tony Wagner, author of Creating Innovators and The Global Achievement Gap "Homa Tavangar is one of those rare individuals who both speaks and writes eloquently about what it means to prepare young people to be true world citizens. She has much to offer community and civic leaders, parents, and educators and has my highest recommendation. Her book, Growing Up Global, makes a unique – and much-needed – contribution at the intersection of parenting, education and global know-how.”

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