Thank you, Brilliant Star!

I was so honored to be featured in the latest issue of Brilliant Star magazine.  Here’s a blurb I wrote about what I think of this publication:

“My daughters range in age from elementary school to college. We’ve been reading Brilliant Star magazine for at least ten years, and the excitement of getting each new issue in the mail hasn’t worn off – for any of us. Each month the quality of moral and spiritual education themes, creative activities, and examples of making the world a better place surpass our expectations. For the children it’s a fun magazine just for them, and as a parent it’s been a trusted companion offering countless examples and inspiration for raising a balanced, loving, happy, insightful, and active global citizen. Thank you, Brilliant Star, for elegantly educating, entertaining, engaging, and inspiring like no other publication does!”

And here’s the PDF of the piece:

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