Talking About the Devastation in Haiti with our Children

“Mommy, what if you found me under a building? What if I died?”

This is the reaction of my 6 yr old to seeing an early New York Times slide show of Haiti devastation (this showed destruction of buildings and injuries, but no dead bodies). We discussed what it might be like for families there (in our own limited way); listened to a report about aid workers deploying, millions texting immediate donations, & the world’s outpouring of prayers and concern. I’d love to hear about your experiences talking about this crisis in Haiti (or not) with your kids of various ages, and assemble some of your stories for a longer posting, with more experiences and thoughts from my own family, too.

The outpouring of resources and compassion shows our profound connections and capacity for love, even when the horror of devastation experienced by the most vulnerable confounds our understanding of the ways of the world.

Thanks for sharing your valuable and touching experiences.

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