Stop by if you're in Chicagoland on Friday 9/4 or Sunday 9/6

Come to Chicago’s Academy for Global Citizenship, Friday 9/4 at 4:45 for a talk/Q&A/signing on Growing Up Global! Check out this great charter school concept:


And on Sunday 9/6, I’ll be in Wilmette, IL at the Baha’i House of Worship for talk/Q&A/signing at 1:30. 

I’m honored to visit both of these Chicago-area spots that embody the desire to make world citizenship and the oneness of humanity a reality in our lives.

By the way:  a “global” factoid:  I said 9/4 and 9/6, referring of course, to September 4 and 6.  But in most other parts of the world, 9/4 would indicate April 9 (!) and 9/6 would be June 9!

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