On my packing list: Multiple ‘gowns’, a duffel bag full of books, and a permission slip from the hubby. Traveling to Dubai with a 9-year old – tonight!

I’ve wrapped up a BIG project – the draft manuscript for The K-5 Global Education Toolkit (with my wonderful co-author, Becky Morales, www.kidworldcitizen.org.  Yippee. Yay. Sigh of relief. Trepidation…  Now I’m turning my attention to the big trip I’m taking tonight with “Tiny Dancer,” aka “the tiny one,” aka Soph Soph, aka the almost-10 y.o. 4th grader who was just a pre-schooler when I was writing Growing Up Global, Sophia.  I will be visiting two international schools while there (not disclosing their names yet, as I need to make sure they are ok with that!), speaking to an audience of parents, and last, but not least, attending a wedding extravaganza for my dear cousin’s daughter who is getting married on May 17, which also is the 50th wedding anniversary of my parents.  Yes, I am feeling a sensory overload!

So, the packing is a bit complicated.  The actual wedding calls for not one, but TWO “gowns” – a short one for the ceremony and a long one for the party which will probably go all night.  My understanding is that we will attend the ceremony then go back to our hotels for a nap and change of clothes, to return to the party a few hours later.  This is the sort of wedding party where dinner is served probably between 11 pm -12 midnight and children are most definitely welcome!  I’m also packing two more long dresses “just in case,” one for my sister who is meeting us from Berlin (can’t wait to see you!).  And the shoes and other accessories to go with each. Then there’s what to wear during the daytime, accounting for cultural sensitivity (but not too much, I am told, for Dubai); and what to wear in the evenings, which will mostly be comprised of dinners for the bride and groom, hosted by various family members.

I have a large duffel bag filled with copies of my book, to take to my talks. It was too complicated to try to order the books to arrive in Dubai on time, so I will be schlepping them across the planet — of course, isn’t that what every author would do?!?!?

Another important thing I am packing: a notarized letter from my dear husband, attesting that I am not kidnapping Sophia and he has our blessing to travel without him.  Parents: if one of you is taking the kids ANYWHERE on a plane, domestic or international, you need one of these.

All the packing of items for different categories of activity make this trip even more exciting to me. I am so grateful to be able to combine these elements — global education and family celebration — in one action-packed week!

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