Friends and the Marketplace

I’ve been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support from all corners of the world for this book. By reading this, you know is up, though there are still some sections to be completed on the site (stay tuned – the best is yet to come!). Thank you to those who have pre-ordered books on I have seen sales rank numbers fluctuate from #550,000 to a mysterious 7,600 ranking, then hover around 250,000.  Yesterday, Saturday, I was happy the ranking was at 104,000. As several friends texted, told, and posted to me that they ordered the book, we watched the sales ranking begin improving dramatically:  at 28,000+ on Sunday morning, and steadily climbing to the current #9590.  It even broke through as #80 among top Child Development books (this is a huge category, led by “What to Expect …” and more titles you probably relied on if you have kids).

These huge fluctuations in the rankings over the weekend mean that each of your advance purchases are REALLY making a difference! It’s very clear that pre-purchases get attention for the book: they indicate to the publisher that it’s got momentum so resources can be put behind marketing, bookstores will make room to stack them on a front table instead of relegate a lone copy to a stack in the back of the store, and it will come up on many more searches among amazon customers. So, for just $10.88, the SALE price of the book, you can help get attention for an idea (plus fun activities!) that you probably already really believe in.

Thanks to all of you – I feel that we are really building a special community here.  (And I promise this blog won’t be all about selling the book.  This is a topic currently in my thoughts and my learning curve is steep, so I wanted to share some of the early process with those of you who will read the blog!)

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