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Teaching Human Rights – Start at Home

On Friday I visited Philadelphia’s Independence Charter School, where the entire school day was dedicated to an inspiring Human Rights Day program for all the kids.  I plan to write a full piece on that soon, but in the meantime wanted to share a few ideas on International Human Rights Day, which was this past…

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Amidst US Heatwave, a Lesson on Drought and Famine in the Horn of Africa

(Originally posted on the Huffington Post’s “World” page) In the midst of this intense heat wave I was looking forward to picking up my 8-year old from her day camp and getting our favorite treat – Philly water ice.  Over the course of the work day I strategized: passion fruit and mango with vanilla custard,…

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Share Your Story on 10.10.10 – One Day on Earth

Imagine what it’s like when musicians from disparate countries, playing diverse instruments, dedicated to different genres come together on one stage, having never met each other before.  Initially the collaboration produces dissonance, but among skilled practitioners dedicated to their craft, disharmony transforms into harmony and something altogether new forms.  This is what took place in…

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