A Dozen Spring Traditions Around the World

My co-author for our upcoming book, The K-5 Global Education Toolkit (yes – it’s going to be AWESOME!), Becky Morales, has compiled an amazing list of Spring Traditions Around the World, housed at her fabulous blog, kidworldcitizen.org.  Here’s a link to the post, http://kidworldcitizen.org/2013/04/12/spring-traditions-around-the-world/, which includes:

  1. European Mama’s wonderful list of Polish traditions
  2. The Educators’ Spin On It introduces us to the Spring holiday of Holi
  3. Swiss Spring Tradition Sechselaeuten- Kid World CitizenExpat Since Birth writes about the exciting Swiss tradition of Sechseläuten (Sächsilüüte)
  4. Mud Hut Mama shares her own unique family Spring tradition of making their own piñatas. Becky says: “My favorite quote of the article: “There’s an American baseball swing at a Mexican tradition in Malawi on a British owned estate where they grow a Chinese drink which will most likely be drunk in India.” It doesn’t get more global than this!”
  5. Little Artists celebrates her wedding anniversary every Spring coincidentally during the Qing Ming Festival. Varya is originally from Russia, and tells the story of how she met her husband of Tanzania, got married, and how they have settled together in China.
  6. Kids Yoga Stories has a lovely (free) yoga lesson plan for Spring
  7. On Glittering Muffins they share one of Quebec’s biggest Spring traditions
  8. Spring Now Ruz Card Exchange- Kid World CitizenLeanna, at All Done Monkey, shares her creative idea of hosting a global card exchange for the Bahá’í New Year Naw Rúz.
  9. Becky also shares: “Homa Tavangar also discusses Naw Rúz, in this excellent article at the Huffington Post. As a Persian and as a Bahá’í, Homa talks about ending the fast, marking the New Year (or Nowruz- Persian for New Year), and gives a message of hope and happiness.”
  10. Discovering the World through my Son’s Eyes writes about making special cascarones (colored eggs normally filled with confetti)
  11. 52 Days to Explore gives ideas for families who’d like to try “Star Gazing
  12. Sprout’s Bookshelf, shares a list of spring-themed books

THANK YOU BECKY FOR PUTTING TOGETHER THIS AMAZING LIST!!! (And thanks for these photos from your blog.)

This group also is special because it’s part of a wonderful group of Multicultural Kid Bloggers, found here: http://multiculturalkidblogs.com/member-blogs/.

Do you have a Spring tradition not listed here, or is one of these practiced in your home?

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