Example of a Professional Development Workshop – Full Day Program for NYSAIS

Workshop Title: “Launching a Life-Long Process of Global Learning & Citizenship: Best Practices from Growing Up Global for Classroom Engagement”

I’ve had the honor of working with schools across the country on globalizing their curriculum, helping teachers gain confidence, tools and vision for bringing global experiences and mindset into their classroom, and even talking to children in assemblies about global citizenship and exploring many facets of what this means in a fun and interactive way.  One of the really enjoyable workshops I gave was through the NY State Association of Independent Schools.This took place during a professional development day and attracted pre-K through grade 6 teachers from all over eastern New York. Part of the enjoyment and benefit was that we had time — time to break into small working groups, to watch video clips that inspired and provoked the imagination, and to build empathy around diverse circumstances and approaches. Here’s the session description:

<<A rapidly changing global landscape does not need to be a cause for alarm, anxiety – or avoidance.  Acknowledging – and more, embracing – global realities such as changing demographics, the rapid adaptation of new technologies, vast economic and social shifts children will experience in their lifetimes, and the impact of numerous cultures on what we read, listen to, watch, eat, learn and accept can be a joyful process that empowers students, as well as their teachers.  In this highly interactive workshop based on nine years of research, writing and speaking across the country, Homa Tavangar, author of the acclaimed Growing Up Global: Raising Children to Be At Home in the World (Random House, 2009) will share some of her learning and best practices around educating responsive, resilient, curious, creative, kind, compassionate global citizens – starting with the youngest learners.

She also will share new materials from her chapter, “Growing Up in a Global Classroom” in Heidi Hayes-Jacobs, ed. forthcoming book Mastering Global Literacy, and Homa’s new book, The Global Education Toolkit for Elementary Learners, co-authored with Becky Morales of www.kidworldcitizen.org.

During the day’s program, participants will explore:

  • The context and constant of rapid change and how to better understand and adapt to these “exponential times” we live in.
  • The balance between encouraging wonder and exploration that’s super-local alonside instilling a global perspective.
  • What it truly means to be a global citizen, and how this plays out in everyday life – wherever one lives, and whatever one’s experiences have been.
  • How to grow the “muscle” for global understanding and compassion.
  • Physical reminders that can be used throughout the classroom to honor diverse global experiences.
  • Methods used by top MBA programs for building global competencies and how these are even better suited for the young learner.
  • How to personalize the global, so that the infusion of global experiences and lessons becomes a natural part of early educational experiences.
  • Favorite resources – physical and virtual – for teaching about diverse cultures and connecting with the wider global experience.
  • Changes, tweaks, and initiatives for growing a global classroom that can be done right away.


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