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Summertime with Kids: A Trip Around the World Via Local Neighborhoods

The internet is lighting up with things to do with the kids during our northern hemisphere summer vacation. There’s something for every helicopter- or free-range, unschooling- or intense-schooling parent; and yes, something for the “global” parents too.  Breaking out the passports and traveling abroad is the ideal, but for most families tickets to overseas destinations…

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We’ve been having a great time in Dubai, mostly seeing far-flung family that converged for an amazing wedding, then continuing post-wedding partying and EATING until LATE each night with ambitious plans in the morning.

Last night I had the pleasure and honor to speak to parents and some staff at the American School of Dubai in between many festivities, including a party on a dhow that set sail around the Dubai “Creek” from around 10:00 pm for dinner Then pretty early in the a.m. we set off for the old gold souk (market).


On my packing list: Multiple ‘gowns’, a duffel bag full of books, and a permission slip from the hubby. Traveling to Dubai with a 9-year old – tonight!

I’ve wrapped up a BIG project – the draft manuscript for The K-5 Global Education Toolkit (with my wonderful co-author, Becky Morales,  Yippee. Yay. Sigh of relief. Trepidation…  Now I’m turning my attention to the big trip I’m taking tonight with “Tiny Dancer,” aka “the tiny one,” aka Soph Soph, aka the almost-10 y.o.…

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