Unlocking the Secret of Global Education

This title might seem grandiose and dramatic, but I can’t stop thinking about what I think might just be the “secret sauce” of global education.

Read the full article HERE: https://www.acei.org/unlocking-the-secret-of-global-education (this is the only article from the publication available free for non-members and non-subscribers).


I wrote this piece for the Association of Childhood Education International, which has just released their Global Schools First program, to transform primary education through global citizenship education.


2 responses on “Unlocking the Secret of Global Education

  1. Wakanyi Hoffman

    I am so ridiculously excited to read this- our shared passion in GCE. I’m also a member of the MKB community (which is how I found you) and currently finishing up my MA dissertation in development education and global learning, all about global education in Sub-saharan Africa. My passion is storytelling, specifically folktales from indigenous tribes. I think there’s a wealth of knowledge there about the oldest global citizens that we need to tap into to take this discussion forward. My little blog is about my quest towards authenticating my global citizenship, along with that of my four mini global citizens, who, in true nomad style have been born, raised and schooled in 6 countries so far! Feel free to visit my site- http://www.blovebirds.wordpress.com as well as on Twitter @Wakanyihoffman. I’m happy to discuss these topics with you and pick your brain on a topic so unifying yet so underutilized, especially in schools.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Wakanyi – Sorry for the delay in responding! Thanks for your comment and I look forward to seeing your blog and your work – I love connecting with fellow global citizens and kindred spirits! If you ever need to reach me more urgently please connect on my faceobook or twitter: @growingupglobal. Cheers!

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