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Action Alert – End Violence Against Women and Girls Internationally with I-VAWA

I received an email today from the Tahirih Justice Center, an outstanding non-profit organization dedicated to protecting immigrant women and girls fleeing violence, about critical upcoming legislation that every mom will care about.  The International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA), groundbreaking bipartisan legislation that will dedicate US resources and leadership to fight violence against women…

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Brainquake or Boobquake – Can we rid the ridiculous? (cross-posted at momsrising.org)

Women’s power has hit a new high – or a  new low, depending on your view of global politics.  Recently, a conservative Iranian cleric pronounced that women’s immodest clothing choices spur adultery and therefore increase the risk of devastating earthquakes.  I didn’t pay much attention to this ridiculous, fear-based statement, but I am fascinated by…

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Talking to My Children About Injustice, Praying About it, and the Trial for 7 Innocents in Tehran

Once school started the first week of January, everyone’s schedules kicked into high gear.  But something stopped my family in our tracks last week, and each day for the last few, we found time to get together to pray, beseech, contemplate and think beyond our immediate circumstances.  In spite of the busy-ness, we acknowledged so…

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