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Talking to My Children About Injustice, Praying About it, and the Trial for 7 Innocents in Tehran

Once school started the first week of January, everyone’s schedules kicked into high gear.  But something stopped my family in our tracks last week, and each day for the last few, we found time to get together to pray, beseech, contemplate and think beyond our immediate circumstances.  In spite of the busy-ness, we acknowledged so…

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I Love Jane Goodall

If you’ve seen the cover of Growing Up Global, you’ll notice the sunburst with the quote from Dr. Jane Goodall says: “fascinating ideas for giving young people opportunities to become truly global citizens.”  I was over the moon when Dr. Jane offered her feedback from reading a galley copy of the book.  Amidst her grueling…

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Hurricane Katrina – Giving Knows No Bounds

 Since the weekend, I have been remembering the toll on lives and a community, caused by Hurricane Katrina, exactly four years ago.  The following story shows incredible generosity, from an unlikely place; it also demonstrates how connected others around the world feel to us in America, and to fellow citizens of humanity.  Their giving knows no bounds. …

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