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Global Education Is Patriotic. Nationalist Rhetoric Does Not Benefit Our Students

(Author’s note: President Trump recently railed against “globalism” and proudly labeled himself to be a “nationalist”. This concerned me greatly, particularly as I thought about courageous educators with whom I’m working across all 50 states: How do you continue developing thoughtful, empathetic global citizens in your classroom when the leader of the United States seems to…

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What Do We Mean When We Talk About Global Education?

What talk about global ed

(For International Education Week, the online magazine Education Week’s Global Learning page (curated by the Asia Society) featured this piece I wrote, sharing some of the conundrum we face in global education.) At the recent Global Education Forum hosted by Asia Society and the Penn Graduate School of Education, I posed a question that’s been…

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12 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom: Creating a Global Classroom

(This post originally appeared on EdWeek.com’s Global Learning Blog here.) I met my co-author on Twitter. We hit it off in a series of 140-character communications, where we realized we shared similar values, a vision of bringing global education into classrooms, and that our expertise was complementary. We never met until our book was 90…

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