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Use Twitter to Create a #Global Classroom!

Don’t let @justinbieber ruin it for you. With 59.8 million Twitter followers as of this writing, the hype around J-Biebs is exactly what drives thoughtful people to run in the opposite direction of a powerful tool for learning and connecting. While some teachers have told me, “I’d never waste my time on Twitter” others I’ve…

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How ANY Classroom Can Become a Global Classroom—In Five Easy Steps

(I wrote this post for National Geographic Education’s blog in the spring. Thanks to all the readers who made this one of their most widely read articles ever! Here’s the link to the original piece, or read it below. Thanks for stopping by!) An ongoing communication with an enthusiastic social studies teacher in a large…

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12 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom: Creating a Global Classroom

(This post originally appeared on’s Global Learning Blog here.) I met my co-author on Twitter. We hit it off in a series of 140-character communications, where we realized we shared similar values, a vision of bringing global education into classrooms, and that our expertise was complementary. We never met until our book was 90…

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