Raising Kids Who Care

I was honored to share a post on The Global Poverty Project’s blog, titled Raising Kids Who Care.  In it I include 5 simple steps for getting started, mindfully, in one’s own family.  And I share a story from my daughter that I’ll never forget.

Photo Credit: Hungry Planet - What the World Eats. This is the photo featured in the linked article.

The Global Poverty Project and Global Citizen are the organizations behind the Global Citizen Festival on Central Park to raise awareness about global poverty and ways to eliminate it.  Artists that have signed on include Neil Young, the Foo Fighters, Black Keys and K’Naan.  They want this to be so much more than a feel good event, and more of the start of a movement, with the entrance fee for over 6,000 people in the form of “commitments” to global issues as opposed to a one-time ticket purchase.  For updates on Twitter and other media, look up #GlobalCitizen.

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