My Two Pieces & Two Cents on Tony Wagner's "Creating Innovators"

Congratulations to the thoughtful Tony Wagner on his new book Creating Innovators.  I showed my love in two similar pieces, written in slightly different “voices”.  The Huffington Post piece, published 4/23/12, is more book review, and found here:

Parenting 2.0: Raising A Compassionate, Innovative Citizen Of The World, Not The ‘Next Steve Jobs

Then I was honored that published my piece: Why I’m Trying Not to Raise the Next Steve Jobs.  Their Education Editor extraordinaire, Liz Dwyer, sought a a more personal approach, and if you know my dear dad, it might give you a smile.  (Post updated 5/7/12)

And if you see this, Tony, it was great to see you at the wonderful #TEDxNYED!

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