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Talking to My Ten-Year Old About the Kidnapping of Nigerian School Girls – #BringBackOurGirls

Beyond our usual “what’s the best thing that happened to you today” conversation at dinnertime, we’ve added some social media sharing  – talking about a video or story that’s gone viral that day. Our first time watching Pharrell’s “Happy” or Kid President’s Pep Talk came after a dinner conversation. It’s a great way to share…

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In Honor of the White House State Dinner

In honor of last night’s White House State Dinner with President Hu Jintao of China, I defrosted Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken and splurged with the Shu Mai dumplings – on a weeknight!  Silly? Yes.  But certainly less drab and a little more fun than just saying: “we’re defrosting pre-made food from the grocery store.” …

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