An Amazon Reader Review

Thanks so much April from California for taking the time to post your 5-Star Review!  Sharing your experience with Growing Up Global means the world to me!  I am truly grateful…

I consider myself to be one of Homa’s most enthusiastic (and hungry) students. I’ve never been outside of North America, and although I live in a very diverse part of California, I just haven’t done a very good job at “globalizing” my children yet. I feel like everything she’s teaching me in this book is information I’ve been CRAVING.

In the first chapter alone, I took a whole page of notes–great websites to visit, books to buy, conversations to have with my children, ways to incorporate maps and international music into my home, etc.

My children are at great ages to start implementing this seriously (4, 8, 9, and 12), and I honestly can’t wait to learn more. Thanks for putting together such a fabulous resource.

Do you have an experience/impression/review of Growing Up Global you’d be willing to share?  Thanks so much!!

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