ABC News/UN Foundation: Million Moms Challenge for World Food Day

In honor of World Food Day, ABC News’ Million Moms Challenge asked me to write a piece that helps parents relate to the meaning of World Food Day and day-to-day concerns for their own families.  Here’s the link to the piece:  World Food Day and Beyond – 5 Steps to Raising an Adventurous and Healthy Eater!

As I try to raise my own adventurous eater, I hope that her journey toward experiencing the exciting palate of global flavors accompanies that of adequate food – and maybe even some choices – for ALL the world’s children, on World Food Day and beyond.

(Here’s the link to my first piece for ABC’s Million Moms Challenge:  Doing the Best I Can – Like the Hummingbird (A Tribute to Wangari Maathai and Heroic Mothers Everywhere)


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