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Happy International Women's Day! Dedicate Your Day.

I love International Women’s Day.  I remember great lectures in honor of this day in college, visiting my old hometown Fort Wayne, Indiana for their 99th annual city-wide celebration of the day, and just love the thought of a pause in the calendar to honor heroic women.  I realize everyday should be International Women’s Day,…

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Teaching Human Rights – Start at Home

On Friday I visited Philadelphia’s Independence Charter School, where the entire school day was dedicated to an inspiring Human Rights Day program for all the kids.  I plan to write a full piece on that soon, but in the meantime wanted to share a few ideas on International Human Rights Day, which was this past…

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How China Can Defeat America – And What This Means to Parents

I’ve been fascinated by the recent New York Times Op-Ed by Chinese Professor Yan Xuetong, the author of “Ancient Chinese Thought, Modern Chinese Power,” a professor of political science and dean of the Institute of Modern International Relations at China’s prestigious Tsinghua University.  In this piece called “How China Can Defeat America” he makes the…

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